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    Best Future from Taday (BFT)

    For details contact us: info@bestfuture.rw
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    Youth Initiatives Promotion Action

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    Youth Development Project and Fund

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    10 Years celebration achievement

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    Youth General Services and Business

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We are called to manage what we are given.
This is to facilitate individuals, couple or families in being true servant of God from what they have, get, save and spend in home daily life. Our concern is to facilitate the organization personalized or familiarized management tool and training on home basic expenses (Accommodations, Restaurant, Transport , services, facilities and utilities,…), adjusting payment mode and strategies ( daily, weekly, monthly, long term and occasional payment); organizing aids and social activities ( Offering, Donation, Contribution, Fundraising, Membership,… ) ; Personal goal achievement and how to explore fixed assets unused long time (Machinery, Equipment, building, land and infrastructures ).


We are all given a safe place to enjoy and maintain.
This is just to help young people and families to open eyes on today working system in order to act accordingly. Our focus is providing advice , training and practical skills on saving activities with financial expertise from jobless level in difficult situation with both servant job opportunity techniques; Value efficiency and enhancement, global initiatives and investment with special care in recording all activities for future and long term use.


Our hope keep on rising by every single prayer.
Our hopes don’t depend on physical matter but the spiritual connection with our savior, creator, King of King who communicates regularly with our heart. The simple way to shape and strengthen our relationship is to keep on praying, repenting, intercession prayers, transmitting messages correctly, applying the gospel message in our life as well as leadership position.


Our spiritual fruits are tested or judged from practical impact in society.

This combines several outcome of physical and spiritual growth with good testimony from neighborhood to global community. The spiritual practice are related to the way we prioritize our deals, involving God before Others, Changing our behavior and attitudes, considering Jesus as number one in decision making, leadership direction and fellowship in general.


The first is the best but not always the best.
This is to motivate young people and influence future generation in promoting and supporting best initiatives, development projects, intercession prayers, best practice in different organization with monitoring and evaluation system.


We are promoted to promote others.
We are supporting different youth initiatives in several domains according to their basic needs in being promoted. We have started with Graduate Association; Student Association; Media Team; Artist Groups; Sport Clubs; Drama Team; Traditional Groups; Inter choirs; Young Entrepreneurs; Youth Cooperatives; Committee; Mentors and Advisor.


we are inspired to inspire others.
We are to working hard to inspire young people in different domains of activity for best future preparation with today activity. We focus on evangelical initiatives; creativity and innovation; profit making projects; information technology; music, art and choir; sport and leisure, public relation; human right; energy and environment; social welfare; development fund and general services.


We are result /product of others’ prayer to pray for others.
We are committed on praying continually in both good and difficult situation without ceasing. We are organizing and providing facilities for home prayer ,prayer network, leaders’ prayer ,lunch hour prayer ,half and full overnight ,half and full day fasting prayer ,intercession prayer ,prayer week forum ,social gospel ,thank giving.


We are served to serve.
We are providing different services according to the way we are talented and skilled for both social and business services. The following services are offered: Graphic design, bookshop and video library, music and film production, music school and practice facilities, news covering and publishing, handcraft production and painting, driving school and travel agency, IT support and consultancy, restaurant services and flesh food delivery, event management and beauty design, Translation and archives services, project elaboration and monitoring.


We are assisted / facilitated to facilitate and assist others.
We are developing and transmitting leadership skills and principles for future competent leaders in global community We assist young people with different responsibilities such as public; business or initiative beneficiaries organization; regular customer and team work; welcoming and customer care; facilitators , initiators or leader in unit of work, department and program; operational and general managers; executive officer, director as well as chief executive officers and advisory councils and committees.

Our objectif is to PUSH Best Future from today and to Pray Until Something [BFT] Happens together as One Nation Exercise in development from Best Future Rwanda .